Born of a doctoral thesis project by cofounders Dr. Timo Kruger and Dr. Dirk Mucha, Fiagon began in 2007 as a disruptive technology with an innovative vision: to reimagine image guidance by improving the function of electromagnetic navigation while making it simple to use
Our core values are rooted in the foundation of our corporate headquarters in Hennigsdorf, Germany, a town on the outskirts of Berlin. We seek to help patients by creating products specifically designed to facilitate safer procedures and improved patient outcomes. We endeavor to develop employees by focusing on their individual needs, believing personal growth is as important as professional advancement. Finally, we promote sustainable growth business practices from the partners we choose to the materials we source.

The product
Striving to improve physician workflow around the globe, Fiagon has developed innovations to decrease electromagnetic distortion, reduce the size of the instrument sensor, increase the versatility of navigated surgical instruments, and reduce the OR footprint. Our navigation technology uses an electromagnetic tracking system and highly advanced algorithms to locate our instruments throughout a surgical procedure.
Fiagon instrumentation contains proprietary technology that allows physicians to manipulate the shape of the instrument while maintaining accuracy. We have further differentiated ourselves by dramatically reducing the footprint of the navigation system, giving physicians more working room; thereby improving efficiency. In sum, we at Fiagon pride ourselves in our revolutionary approach to surgical navigation, providing physician and patient value simultaneously.