Network meeting at Ernst von Bergmann Hospital in January 2018


On the 24th of January the members of the Life Science Alliance came together at the Ernst von Bergmann Hospital in Potsdam for a network meeting on the topic cooperation with hospitals.


Ernst von Bergmann Hospital

Steffen Grebner, CEO of Ernst-von-Bergmann Hospital (EvB), gave an overview over the various different ways the hospital cooperates with other institutions and companies.

The EvB has a number of cooperations set up with universities and research institutions. EvB is an academic teaching hospital and cooperates with the Humboldt University Berlin and the Charité Universitätsmedizin in teaching and research. EvB works together with Kiev Medical University in the training of nurses. Research cooperation exist also with different companies such as Fiagon, a member of the LAB-B.

Steffen Grebner also introduces new project of the state capital Potsdam in cooperation with the EvB, which includes the construction and operation of a building in Potsdam with office space, medical and laboratory space.

Under the slogan “Ernst von Bergmann comes to you”, in July 2018, EvB will send the first mobile MRT in Germany on trips. The 1.5 Tesla MRT device offers the full range of services of the EvB and will travel to several locations in Brandenburg and Berlin.

The EvB also offers training courses to industry partners, during which the companies get an insight into the clinical routine, get to know processes and decision-making procedures and can talk openly with head physicians.


Medneo – Radiology as a service

LAB-B invited André Glardon from the company medneo to talk about the radiology business and the cooperation with EvB.

Medneo was born out of an idea to improve the utilization of medical devices. Under the slogan “Radiology as a service” the company was founded in 2011. Medneo’s business model is based on the sharing economy and regards the creation of radiological images as a service. Medneo builds and operates image acquisition centres and provides the necessary personnel. The image analysis is carried out by medneo’s customers and is completely decoupled from image acquisition. The customers have no investment risk, no technology risk and settle the cost with health insurance.

The participants of the meeting then went to the medneo container on the EvB campus. André Glardon explained how MRI utilisation has been optimized through the use of multiple MRI trolleys and showed special rooms doctors can rent for diagnosis.


News about the fundraising

Lutz Völker presented a first draft of the fund concept. The purpose of the project is to offer young companies in the field of life science a financing model that takes into account the long “going to market” times that arise as a result of clinical evaluation, approval procedures and the difficult establishment of reimbursement.