LAB-B workshop at IKKBB in October 2017


On the 11th of October 2017 the Life Science Alliance Brandenburg-Berlin invited all members to join a workshop held at our associated member iKKBB in Potsdam.

The main purpose of the workshop was to introduce the network members to the fundraising project that has been initiated.

The contract for the tender “Identifizierung geeigneter Partner zum Aufbau eines Fonds zur Finanzierung von translationalen Projekten im Netzwerk Life Science Alliance Brandenburg Berlin (LABB)”  (Identification of suitable partners for the establishment of a fund for the financing of translational projects in the network Life Science Alliance Brandenburg Berlin (LABB)) was awarded to the company Aspect Partners from Bonn, Germany. As part of the contract, Aspect Partners has the task to develop a concept for the fund and sensitize banks, private investors, family offices and VC funds to this concept.

In the workshop Lutz Völker from Aspect Partners introduced his company and explained the funds project. Financial needs of life science companies were examined with the help of examples from the network. Importantly, the need for longer term investment due to longer product cycles in the life sciences sector was discussed.

Aspect Partners