About Us / Team

Life Science Alliance Brandenburg-Berlin (LAB-B) was founded in 2015 as a joint initiative by companies in the Life Science Industry funded by the European Union and supported by the German state of Brandenburg. Founded in Brandenburg/Berlin, Germany LAB-B is committed to the values of its birthplace, values such as openness, international orientation, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and an active citizenship. LAB-B’s big community of staff, entrepreneurs, companies of various sizes, research-foundations, educational institutions, scientists and physicians however is truly international.

LAB-B works intensively with life sciences companies that have the ability to turn an innovative discovery into a treatment for patients. This includes assistance with licensing, product development, clinical trials, regulatory filings and other steps. LAB-B is dedicated to help its partners in bringing innovative projects ready to market entrée, primarily by offering support and access to different sources and instruments of funding. While the main office is located in Potsdam, Germany, LAB-B’s managers operate worldwide to provide the maximum service to its partners.



Dr. Ute Hartmann, Network Manager


NETWORK Manager with long-term experience in R&D project development, full service management and transforming innovative ideas into successful business.
Ute is a highly skilled scientist with extensive background knowledge, earned in 12 years at Max Planck Institute for Immunology in the field of immunology, molecular biology and biochemistry. She has a keen insight for future trends in life science and has the ability to move these trends into reality. Ute is very dedicated to her work and the various projects under her supervision. Her overall vision is to make life better for all people in the world.
When she´s not busy with developing new projects and working on new path breaking strategies, she takes long walks with her” ball-crazy dog” and is practicing horseback riding with her wild horse (Equus ferus) in a natural horsemanship way.